Quick Step ?-??-83


This is a late beta for Quick Step back when it was still known as Kwibble.  Although the game is pretty much the same with some different sounds and colors there are some features missing like the Gold Mats.  There also appears to be eleven different variations but none of them seem to change anything other than the number of players.


Prototype Differences
The top of the screen is red
The bottom of the screen is purple
The copyright is on the top of the screen instead of the bottom
The game variation is on the bottom of the screen instead of the top
The game variation is in a different and much thinner font
The players colors are reversed.  The kangaroo is purple, and the squirrel is red.
The score font is different
The Tricky Trap reserve counter is different
The score flashes every time it increases
The kangaroo turns the trampolines yellow instead of green
There are no grey mats, the mats are always pink even if they're not able to be jumped on yet.
There are five beeps when the game starts
The game defaults to two players instead of one.
There are eleven different variations instead of just two (one or two player).  Odd variations are two players and even variations are one player.
The variation counter starts at 01, but once you cycle through all the variations, it skips the first variation and starts at 02 for some reason.  Variation 01 can no longer be chosen unless the game is reset.
The Magic Mats are blue instead of white and give an extra Tricky Trap
There are no Gold Mats
The warning sound for the end of wave ladder is different.  The beeps are much lower.
The jumping sound is different


Not so sure about those colors


Notice how the Kangaroo makes the trampolines yellow?


The brown squirrel makes sense, but a purple kangaroo?


The game plays pretty similar though



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