Quick Step

Quick Step
Company: Imagic
Model #:
Dave Johnson
Year: 1983
Originally called Kwibble and Hop To It!


Quick Step is one of the more original Imagic titles for the Atari 2600.  The goal of the game is to hop on as many trampolines with your kangaroo (or squirrel if you're the second player) and change them to your color before they scroll off the screen.  Yes, the game is just as weird to play as it sounds.


Each level of Quick Step consists of a vertically scrolling maze of trampolines on which each player jumps around.  If you jump on a pink unclaimed trampoline, it will immediately turn to your color and you will score three points.  If you jump on a trampoline which has been claimed by your opponent, it will change to your color, but you will not score any points until it scrolls of the screen.  Once it does scroll off the screen however you will score six points.  If you're caught on a trampoline that falls off the bottom of the screen you will lose a life.


Sounds kind of dull right?  Oh, but there's so much more to Quick Step.  Each player has a supply of what the game calls 'Tricky Traps'.  When a player is on a trampoline, they can press the fire button to lay a trap, when they jump off the trampoline it will disappear!  This is a great way to trap your opponent in the maze and have them scroll off the screen.  You start the game with six Tricky Traps but gain one for each Gold Mat you jump on.  Gold Mats?  I thought these were trampolines?!?


There are two types of mats, Gold Mats and Magic Mats.  As mentioned above, Gold Mats give the player an extra Tricky Trap when jumped on and are worth seven points.  Magic Mats are white trampolines which will cause your character to glow when jumped on.  When a character is under the influence of the Magic Mat, they gain the power to freeze their opponent by jumping onto the same trampoline they're on.  Like with the Tricky Trap, this is a great way to knock off your opponent by having them scroll off the bottom of the screen.  The game will play a little sound before a Magic Mat appears to give everyone a heads up.


After a set number of trampolines and mats have appeared the wave will end.  When this happens, the game will sound a series of five beeps to warn everyone that the ladder to the next level is about to appear.  The ladder is really a single row of trampolines which are the only way to proceed to the next wave.  If your character fails to climb up this 'ladder' then they'll fall off the bottom of the screen.  This is also a great time to try and use a Tricky Trap.


Quick Step is a quirky, original, family friendly game, that gets frantic at the higher levels.  At the time of its release, Quick Step seemed to get lost in the vast sea of space shooters and arcade ports which made up a large portion of the 2600's library.  Although it didn't exactly set the 2600 world on fire, Quick Step is well worth tracking down.


Version Cart Text Description
?/??/83 Kwibble Late Beta


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