Seawolf 3 3/23/81


This is a very interesting prototype.  Not only does it bear the original name of the game (when Atari was still considering releasing it as a legitimate Seawolf clone), but it is dated almost a year earlier than the final release.  It appears that Atari decided to shelve the game for over a year until it was given to Sears as an exclusive title.  It is unknown if this delay was due to licensing issues with Midway over the Seawolf name, or if it was due to the quality of the game.  Sears probably chose to rename the game to avoid paying for expensive licensing fee.

This version appears complete, but has some minor color and graphical differences.  This particular version was found on a disk was most likely not burned onto an EPROM.


Prototype Differences

The colors are very different:

- The sea is blue instead of green

- The sky is pink instead of blue

- The ships are pink and white instead of blue and white

- The status bar is a lighter shade of blue

- The fuel font is orange instead of pink

- The depth charge indicator is pink instead of light blue

- The depth charge warning indicator is a darker shade of red

You start with 5000 fuel instead of 3000

The torpedo indicators are to the left and right of the engine temperature gauge at the top of the screen instead of above the score.

The directional indicator bar is much taller


Well at least the sea is blue now...


Mmm... Pink ships


Notice the torpedo indicator at the top of the screen?


Whoa!  Psychedelic!



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