Company: Atari
Model #:
Steve Woita (Program) & Jerome Domurat (Graphics)
Year: 1983
Taz was originally spelled Tazz


Taz is a highly original game by Quadrun author Steve Woita starring that furry eating machine Taz.  You must move Taz from level to level eating everything you can while avoiding the sticks of dynamite.  Sound simple?  Well it only gets harder from here.  As the levels progress the everything starts moving faster and faster.  Eventually you'll hit the "Crazed Wave" where everything moves at lightning speed.  Taz is the ultimate "twitch" game.

Unbeknownst to most people, Taz played a very important role in Atari history.  Taz was the first game in which the programmer was actually credited.  Atari had a long standing policy of not letting the public know who programmed it's games, as they were afraid other companies would hire their programmers away.  Steve Woita said he was going to quit unless Atari gave him credit for his game (luckily for Steve the gamble paid off).  Atari finally relented and started to put the programmers name on the back of the box starting with Taz.

Since Taz was based of a popular American cartoon, Atari thought that overseas players might not know who Taz was.  So Taz was changed to Asterix for European audiences.  Asterix is a French cartoon character who was very popular over in Europe and Atari felt that European players could identify with him better.  The game is exactly except for the graphics which were changed to match the new cartoon license.  The Crazed Wave was also changed to the Obelix Wave where you controlled Obelix for awhile.  Obelix was Asterix's pal who eventually ended up getting an Atari game of his own.  Because of this Taz was only released in NTSC format.



Version Cart Text Description
?/??/83 Taz No Title Screen
6/15/83 Tazz 6/15/83 PAL format!  Title screen spelled Tazz.
7/13/83 Tazz 7/13/83 Title screen spelled Tazz.
7/15/83 Taz 7/15/83 Title screen still spelled Tazz
8/19/83   Final version?


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