Wings 6-3-83


This is the earlier NTSC prototype of Wings.  Although the game is playable, it is missing the enemy planes making it rather pointless.  This version also has numerous bugs that needed to be fixed before the final version.


Prototype Differences

The Fuel, Power, Airspeed, and Altitude gauges are all functional

There are no enemy planes or ground guns despite blips occasionally appearing on the radar
The sky changes color much more slowly
The runway colors are different (Black -> Orange/Brown -> Pink -> Red)
There is a glowing CBS bar above the instrument panel during the game
There is no Wings logo on the title screen
There is no demo
You can do complete end to end loops
The plane is easier to keep level
The start up music cannot be turned off with the difficulty switches
The start up music is slightly different (missing the starting scale)
Certain sounds (such as the engines throttling and missile firing) are different
The gun graphics are different
There are no missile graphics when fired.  They only make an odd sound.
The bar around the score is orange instead of green
The gauge labels are blue instead of purple
When the fuel gauge begins to beep the bottom of the screen jumps
If the engines are throttled down completely they cannot be restarted



No Wings logo


Notice the glowing CBS bar

Even though there are no enemy planes, the weapon systems work


Although you can bring up the missile targeting box, there are no missile graphics



Smooth level flying...


The horizon becomes rather jagged at times


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