Black Belt 7-5-83


This prototype is a bit of a mystery.  Although it is clearly dated 7-5-83, it appears to be an earlier version of the game.  Why it's dated 7-5-83 is unknown, but it might be the date that it was copied or just a mistake.  Odd date aside, this version of the game is very similar to the 12-23-82 version, but in this version your player is always in the fighting stance and cannot leave the main room.  It is unknown if the other rooms even exist in this prototype.



You cannot select your starting level (Black Belt degree)
To start the game you must press the '0' button then Start
There are usually no enemies in the game
Occasionally the game will have enemies that appear in the doorway, but they do not move and have no AI.  They will however go into a fighting stance when you approach them.
There are no flickering lights in the candelabras
There is no door at the bottom of the first screen so you cannot exit back to the level selection screen
There are no lights on the ground where the exit door would be on the first screen
You are always in your fighting stance
You cannot leave the first room



Alan Murphy at his best!


You're always in your fighting stance in this version


Sometimes an enemy with appear when you start


But you can't do anything to them



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