Gremlins 4-20-84

Oh what a difference a week makes!  Although only dated a week later than the 4-13 prototype, we now have sounds, music, and title screen graphics (although they're slightly different).  Many of the bugs from the 4-13 prototype have been cleaned up, but there are still many differences from the final.  One of the more interesting things about this prototype is that the there is a text string on the bottom of the title screen that displays the version and serial number.

This particular prototype came from the development disks of John Seghers.

Prototype Differences
The title screen graphics are different

The text is a lighter shade of purple but darker than the 4-13 prototype

The title screen has 'GREMLINS VERSION 1 SERIAL #000001' written at the version bottom of the screen. This text is partially cut off on the bottom.
The icon when Billy has picked up a Mogwai is different and is a single color
Billy starts moving automatically to the upper left when the game starts.  This can be fixed by quickly moving the joystick around so the game calibrates it correctly
The fade in/fade out effect takes a few frames longer
The top HUD is not displayed on the Game Over screen


Different title screen graphics


The final for comparison


The Mogwi icon is still different and a single color

Still no HUD on the Game Over Screen


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