Gremlins 5-??-84


This is very close to the final version.  Much like the 5-15-84 proto, the game looks the same so the changes are most likely behind the scenes optimizations and bug fixes.  One noticeable difference with this version is that the colors are one shade brighter than it is in the final.  This difference is very hard to notice even with the two games running side by side.  It's unknown why this was changed, but it may have had something to do with shortening the 'fade in' effect between levels.  The icon displayed at the top of the screen when Billy has a Mogwi is also different from the final.

Prototype Differences
The colors are all a shade brighter

The icon when Billy has picked up a Mogwai is different

The fade in/fade out effect takes a little longer


Notice the slightly brighter colors?


The final for comparison


During the gameplay too

The final for comparison

Note the different icon at the top?

The final for comparison


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