Jungle Hunt 4-7-83


This is very early version of Jungle Hunt and as such only consists of one level (the vines stage).  It appears that Allen was working the bugs out of this level and possibly the game engine itself as this version contains numerous bugs.


Prototype Differences

The title screen text is different and has different options.
The title screen lists a demo option, however it is non-functional.
The starting tune is different.  It is played at a lower pitch and is much slower.
The whole game plays much slower
There is no life counter
Once you reach the end of the vine level the game restarts at the next highest difficulty.
The level colors go: Blue, Brown, Gray, Red, Pink, Purple, Brown, Light Green.
You can pause the game but cannot unpause it (must reset).
There is no death sound.
The number of lives left are not displayed.
Selecting the difficulty level from the title screen has no effect.
There is no monkey sound.
The monkey graphic sometimes gets stuck on the sides of the screen.
Your player is not moved back one vine after dying.
The grass is a darker green
There is a glitch when jumping that can cause the player to repeatedly grab the vine and restart the game.  This usually happens on the Light Green level.
The monkey graphic is different and is solid orange.
The status bar is dark green instead of red.
The vines are a slightly different color and are much thicker.
If the player dies by waiting too long on the starting branch (this takes approx. 30 seconds) the game restarts instead of starting the player on the first vine.
The last level (Light Green) is very buggy and resets often.
Player can grab slightly below the bottom of the vine.



You can forget about that demo


Nice thick pink vines


Exactly what am I hanging on?

That is one butt ugly monkey!


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