Realsports Basketball 10-31-83


This version appears to be about 80% complete, and is the first version to contain the three Easter Eggs.  The ball physics and computer AI need some serious work in this version, as they are unpredictable at best.  Some of the game phrases in this version are also different.


Prototype Differences
The computer has some different sayings
Ball physics are off
Computer AI is weak
Text box does not change color
The ball doesn't shoot as far


Original Saying
Prototype Saying
You can do better I can do better
The next shot will be better My next shot will be better
What a shot! Let me catch up
Don't go so fast I'm falling way behind
Look at that I must have two left feet


I've never seen a prototype with the date on the splash screen before


Look at the excited faces in the stands!


Wham Bam?


He shoots!  He scores!


It's 5200 Realsports Basketball


Where'd my Realsports go?



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