Basketball 11-5-82


This is the final build of the first version of RS Basketball before Patrick Bass was hired to completely rewrite the game.  Notice how the start up screen says @Basketball Copyright 1982?  The @ symbol is most likely a programming bug, but may have some hidden significance that I'm not aware of.

This version is very similar to the earlier build, except a four player option has been added (2 two man teams).  This makes Basketball one of only four games to ever support four players (Asteroids, RS Tennis, and Super Breakout are the others).  There are five different game options this time around: One player vs. computer, two players vs two computer players, three players (two players vs. one player and the computer), four players, and two players vs each other one-on-one.  It's interesting to note that in the one-on-one mode, the players must use ports 2 and 3 instead of ports 1 and 2.  This is an obvious programming bug.  Also of note in this version is that ball can no longer go out of bounds.  This was most likely done to speed up the gameplay.

See version 3/10/82 for more details about the differences between the original and new versions.



Prototype Differences
There is a @ symbol in the title
The game starts automatically (no screen saver)
There are five game options (1, 2, 3, or 4 players and 2 players one-on-one)
There are now three and four player modes
The basketball is greenish blue instead of red
The sound effects are different (the Star Raiders sounds are gone)
The game freezes after four minutes (only one quarter)
The computers AI has been changed.  It is now less accurate and does some crazy things (like take half court shots)
The ball cannot go out of bounds.  The ball seems to home in on the basket no matter where it is shot from
The shooting bug has been fixed (see 3/10/82 for more details)


Notice the glowing @ symbol


Air Ball!


The computer plays a mean game of B-Ball


Three points!


Four player action!


Or just one-on-one!



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