Sport Goofy 3-28-83

This is a late WIP for Sport Goofy.  The differences are mostly cosmetic, although there are some other behind the scene coding changes that aren't apparent in the gameplay.  The biggest differences are that the splash screen copyright says 1982 instead of 1983 and the the score bar shows P1 and P2 beside the players score.  This is a hold over from an earlier version seen in the Atari In-house Promo 2nd Quarter 1983 video.

Prototype Differences
The splash screen says copyright 1982

The score bar shows P1 and P2 next to the players scores

After being returned to the title screen at the end of the game.  The screen shows a score for player two even if the game was one player




Note the P1 next to the score


The second players score is always shown after a game

The P1/P2 is also shown in the Pogo Pop


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