Sport Goofy ?-??-83


This is a late WIP version version of Sport Goofy.  While an actual prototype for this version has not yet been found (if it was ever burned onto EPROMs), it was featured in the Atari In-House Promo 2nd Quarter 1983 video which was made to show other Atari employees what everyone was working out at the time.  It appears similar to the final release, but some of graphics for Goofy are a bit different.

In this version Goofy looks more like a mouse than a dog-thingy (what the heck is he anyway?), especially when he falls.  Goffy's colors are also very different, especially his swimsuit which appears to be purple in the prototype (along with his body looking tan/gray).  When Goofy starts to fall he doesn't put his arms and legs out as in the final version, instead he flaps his arms like he's trying to fly.  When he hits the raft in the prototype version he simply remains standing whereas in the final version he crashes into the raft face first and then comically deploys a parachute.

Other differences include the bushes having a different look, the water being green instead of blue, the raft being orange instead of light blue, the tanks are orange instead of blue, and the wooden structure being yellow instead of orange.  This version also displays P1 and P2 for the players where the final version briefly flashes Player 1 or Player 2 at the start of each turn.  The layout of the level also doesn't match any of the levels in the final version.

The Pogo Jump game has less differences.  Goofy appears to be almost all white in the prototype whereas he has black arms, legs, and head in the final.  The pogo stick spring is black in the final version but white in the prototype. The balloons also appear to be somewhat multicolored in the prototype, but that could be due to the poor quality of the video.  Also, the status bar is gray instead of blue for some reason.

In the pictures below, the prototype version is the first picture and the second picture is from the final.



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