Tempest 12-29-83



This version of Tempest was a semi-playable demo made for the 83 Winter CES show.  From the information found on internal documents it is believed that this prototype was made in late December.  This particular version lacks complete collision detection (although you can shoot Flippers in the tubes), has only one type of enemy (Flippers), and the Super Zapper has not been implemented.  Interestingly the code for collision detection was actually in the game, but it was turned off for testing purposes.  Since the player cannot destroy all the enemies, the game will advance to the next level after a minute or so.

An interesting easter egg exists in this prototype.  Pressing the keys on the number pad will produce various sounds from the game.  These sounds were taken directly from the arcade machine, and are virtually identical.


Just like the arcade...


Even the red levels are in here!


The invisible levels are tough!


This is my favorite level...


Nasty color scheme...


It may be recharged, but you still can't use it!



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