Xari Arena 5-10-83



This recently discovered prototype is an earlier WIP of the first version of Xari Arena (see the 6/24/83 prototype for more details).  The gameplay has been finalized at this point, but there is no sound or music in the prototype.  The custom font used for the wave and point numbers is also different, lacking some of the later prototype's refinement. 


Prototype Differences

There is no sound
There is no music
Game Over graphics are different.  The don't use the custom font and have a simple line appearance
The font for the Wave, Bonus, and Score graphics is slightly different.  Some of the letters and numbers (such as the B, O, W, 4, and 9) are missing their holes which makes them looks much blockier.
The font is a solid color instead of being multi-colored
Your paddle is very thin and can be flexed inward and out by pushing left and right.  The idea was that you could reflect shots at different angels, but it doesn't work very well.
You cannot collect fireballs, you can only reflect them back at the Xari's.
The Xari's are all in the center of the screen at the start of the level.  In the later version they come out a few at a time from a well in the center of the screen (which is not present in this version).
There are no fire extinguishers.
Your paddle moves much faster which makes it hard to line it up with the shots. 
The fireballs are different looking, they are shaped like asterisks *.
There are no intermissions between levels
The difficulty ramps up much quicker in this version.


A much simpler Game Over


This is the final version for comparison


Note the B and the 8 are missing holes?


Same with the 9's


The font is a single color (also note the W and A)


Notice how it's multi-colored in the final?



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