Xari Arena 8-25-83


The version is similar to the more well known 10-30 prototype, but still has some minor differences.  The most notable change is that the computer AI is still being worked on and isn't nearly as competent as it is in the later version.  For example, the AI will never use a fire extinguisher in this prototype, but will in later versions.  Other than the more simplistic AI, there appear to be minor code changes behind the scenes that aren't visible in the gameplay.

It appears that the label was originally for the 6-24-83 version of Xari Arena

Prototype Differences

There is no Trak-Ball support
The computer AI isn't quite as good
This version has a special message at the end of the game after beating all 32 waves, congratulating them and telling the player to send a picture of the end screen to John at Atari.  This message was taken out of the final version for some reason. 


Looks like the final version...


Getting pretty intense, maybe use an extinguisher?


Surely now is a good time to use an extinguisher?


I'm begging you, use an extinguisher!



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