Xari Arena 8-30-83


The version is very close to being complete but lacks the Trak-Ball support from the earlier version.  This version also has a serious bug where a Xari can get trapped in the center well and cannot be destroyed.  This bug is somewhat rare, but will effectively end the game should it occur.  The computer AI isn't as polished as it is in the final version and usually gets killed around level 18 or 19.  Interestingly this version has a secret message and ending that is revealed after beating the game.  It is unknown why Atari took this out.

Prototype Differences

There is no Trak-Ball support
The computer AI isn't quite as good as it is in the final version
This version has a special message at the end of the game after beating all 32 waves, congratulating them and telling the player to send a picture of the end screen to John at Atari.  This message was taken out of the final version for some reason. 


The computer will play itself if you let it


Notice the unique font used for the on-screen text


The last intermission forms the programmers initials (JRS and CG)


Oooo! What did I win?


Master of the Arena?


Think they'll still honor this offer?



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