Xari Arena 8-31-83


The version is very is the same as the 10/30 version except that the number of Xaris on each level has been reduced to only one.  This means that the player (or computer) only needs to destroy one Xari to advance to the next level.  Why this change was made is unknown, but it probably done for playtesting or debugging purposes so that the player could quickly see each level without having to play through them.  Interestingly due to there only being one Xari on the screen, it will send out a massive amount of fireballs at the higher levels the move incredibly fast because of the lack of slowdown due to the reduced number of objects. 

Another interesting side effect of there only being one Xari on each level is that the game demo will actually beat the entire game if left on long enough.

Prototype Differences

There is no Trak-Ball support
The computer AI isn't quite as good as it is in the final version
This version has a special message at the end of the game after beating all 32 waves, congratulating them and telling the player to send a picture of the end screen to John at Atari.  This message was taken out of the final version for some reason. 
The number of Xari's needed to beat each level is set to one.


Hmm... Only one Xari?


Wave 4 and still only one Xari


Wave 29 and... still only one Xari?


The demo will actually beat the game if you let it



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