Xari Arena ?-??-83



This is an early prototype for Xari arena.  While an actual prototype for this version has not yet been found (if it was ever burned onto EPROMs), it was featured in the Atari In-House Promo 2nd Quarter 1983 video which was made to show other Atari employees what everyone was working out at the time.  This version seems close to the 5/10/83 version, but has some minor differences in the status area.

The status bar shortens Player 1/2 to simply P1/P2.  The reason for this is to make room for the Wave counter and the fact that the word Xaris in the Xari score counter isn't written above the score, but rather next to it.  It's also interesting to note that Xaris is written in all caps in this version.



Note how XARIS is in all caps?


And the wave counter in the status bar?


Beyond that, the game seems very close to the 5/10/83 demo


This is the final version for comparison



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