Rescue Mission ?-??-83


This is a late beta of Rescue on Fractalus when it was still known as Rescue Mission.  This beta is only slightly less developed then the Behind Jaggi Lines prototype that exists for the Atari 5200.  While both Rescue Mission and Behind Jaggi Lines versions were pirated back in the day, the Rescue Mission version has only recently surfaced.  While Rescue Mission is fully playable, it's missing several features from the final game.

Thanks to Kr0tki for finding many of these differences.


Prototype Differences

There's no Lucasfilm logo or intro, the game starts at cockpit screen
There's no options screen or high score screen
Cockpit screen says * Rescue Misison * instead of Rescue on Fractalus!
The Copyright says (C) Lucasfilm Ltd. instead of (c) 1985 Lucasfilm Ltd.
The font is the regular Atari one instead of the custom font the final uses
Title screen music is a little different
The game starts on level 1 instead of 4
The 'Select' key is used to change levels instead of doing so on a separate options screen as in the final.  As the level text slowly scrolls off and on the screen each time the level is changed, it takes a very long time to switch to higher levels.
The 'Start' key resets the game
There is no demo
The AUTHOR easter egg is missing
The engine sounds are a bit different
There is no 'Standby' text on launch
There is not 'Manual' text once on the surface
There is no day/night cycle
The Pilot Distance meter says L instead of R
The Artificial Horizon meter is missing the AH text
The Long Range scanner right doesn't say LR instead has magnification indicators (1x or 4x).  This is changed with the 'M' key.
The Wing Clearance meter has a black background
The frame rate isn't as smooth (3-4 FPS) as compared with the final (6-8 FPS)
The mountains are 'smoother' and don't have dotted lines for extra definition
The 'E' (engines) key turns off the shields instead of 'S' (systems)
There is no sound when 'B' is pressed and mothership not present
There is no sound when 'L' is pressed when already landed
There is no sound when the Pilot Distance meter changes value
There is no sound for any key press other than 'B' and 'L'.
There is no 'jump scare' sound for Jaggi pilots
There is no music after completing a level
There is no game over music
The Pilot Quota meter shows how many pilots rescued rather than number remaining to rescue.  It alternates between number rescued and number needed to rescue.
The Pilot Quota meter doesn't blink once your quota is reached
The long range scanner doesn't flash when a pilot is near
Ships and gun encampments look like a hollow diamond on radar instead of having distinct shapes
Downed pilots don't die after waiting at the airlock too long
There is no 'MOTHERSHIP!' text
There appears to be no way to prevent gun encampments from locking onto your ship at higher levels.  This makes the later levels very difficult.
If you return to the mothership without reaching your pilot quota and chose to stay on the same level, the pilot quota is reset (the level is basically reset).  In the final version the pilot quota stays the same so you can complete the level over several attempts.
After completing one level you can skip up to 31 levels instead of only 3.
If you crash and lose a level the game goes back to the title screen and decreases the current level by 1



Different title screen...


Mostly the same game...


Notice the diamond on the radar?

The mountains are much smoother looking



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