Mr. Do!'s Castle 3-12-84


This is an early movement demo for Mr. Do!'s Castle.  The board and all it's elements appear to be there, but look different.  Mr. Do! can move around the castle (slowly) and bash tiles, but that's about it.  There are four Unicorns at the top of the screen but they never move and only one has collision detection (which freezes the game).  None of the other gameplay elements actually function. It's interesting to note that the programmer was originally going to try and implement the diagonal ladders from the arcade game, but later gave up and made them regular straight ladders.


Mr. Do moves MUCH slower
The colors are different and look more pastel
Three are odd purple stripes beneath the levels.  It is unknown what these are for.
The screen has more vertical height
The keys do not open the door
The slatted bridge is not implemented
The four Unicorns at the top of the screen do not move
The door looks different
The movable ladders are diagonal like the arcade, but cannot be kicked
The left two Unicorns disappear if Mr. Do! moves to the top of the screen
Only the Unicorn closest to the door on the right side has collision detection.  Mr. Do! will pass through the other one.
There is no music or sound
The score does not increase
Mr. Do's! movement animation is a little different.  His eye moves up and down as he walks.
Blocks to not fall down when Mr. Do! hammers a tile.


Looking a little bit different

Mr. Do! gets blocky when he hammers

This is the only Unicorn with collision detection


This is probably why they got rid of the diagonal ladders

I wonder what the purple stripes are for?

Here's the final version for comparison



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