Survival Run


This is the only copy of Survival Run known to exist.  The particular prototype was found in a lot of loose EPROMs on Ebay (notice the homemade EPROM board), and does not appear to be an official Data Age prototype (perhaps an employee made a copy for personal use?).  This version of Survival Run appears to be an early WIP and is riddled with bugs.  The most notable being that if you die and press the reset button your character will die again (although it is fun to see him drown on dry land).  There appear to be eight different game variations, but the only effect they seem to have is determining which of the two screens you start on.  It is unknown if any further work was done on this title.


Here's a shot of the deforming 'ripple' effect.  Notice how big your characters head is.


Help I can't swim!


Aww... Isn't he cute?


This means something...



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