Xevious 8-2-83


This version appears to be about 60% complete.  The gameplay is mostly there, but some of the enemies and sounds are missing.  The graphics for the enemies are completely different than in the final version.


There are only four types of enemies (Toroid Fleet Ships, Mirrors, Black Balls, and Rovers)
There is no option to change the scrolling speed
The enemy graphics are very different.  The tanks in particular look like lower case L's for some reason
There are no ground targets other than tanks.  Some ground targets can be made to appear using the Transmit Empty Pages option in some emulators, but they appear to be unfinished
The rovers do not fire
There are fewer areas (the final version has sixteen)
There are no game options
The game is one player only
There are no difficulty levels
There is no logo on start up
The scrolling background is different
There is no music


It's attack of the lowercase n's!


Who put a freeway in the middle of my game?


At least the tanks explode properly.


Look at all those enemies!  And not an ounce of flicker.



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