Toki ?-??-93


This is the only prototype for Toki known to exist.  The prototype identifies itself as Beta Two and is in PAL format which isn't surprising given it was being developed so late in the 7800's lifespan (the 7800 was basically dead in the US at this point).  This prototype was found on a developers old hard drive along with several prototypes for unreleased Lynx games.  While nearly complete, this version still has a few glitches and unfinished items that keep it from being a complete game.

The title screen has no sound or music
There is no music or sound in the ending
There appears to be no way to exit the ending screen
Some of the bosses have graphical glitches in their attacks
There is some graphical garbage at the top of the screen in the scrolling areas
Some of bosses appear to be missing attacks such as Bashtar

The game is fully playable, but is definitely a late beta rather than a finished game.   This version also had to cut down on some elements found in most other home versions due to lack of memory.  Gone are many of the enemies, keys and gates, and several power ups like the jumping shoes, extra time, and even bonus lives.   Many of the levels have also been stripped down and simplified to fit within the limits of the cartridge space.  But perhaps the biggest missing thing is the entire final level!  The Golden Palace has been scrapped and so has the battle with Vookimedlo are completely missing.  This is most likely due to lack of space rather than an unfinished game and it's worth noting that some other home ports are also missing the last level. 

These guys are so cute!


Jump on the enemies to reach the power up


The swimming areas are lots of fun


Toki's large bosses are impressive for the 7800


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