Da' Fuzz 8-23-83


This is a late WIP version of Da' Fuzz.  Although this rom is 16K (the final version is only 8K), it doesn't appear to be very different.  This is because this version is unoptimized whereas the entire game was eventually compressed to fit into 8K for the final release (this is noted in the source code).  This prototype also has a few bugs that were fixed before the final version.

Prototype Differences
The level counter is broken.  The precinct (level) number is always 2 no matter what the level
The high score name entry is broken.  The only input it recognizes is the spacebar.


Notice how the precinct says 02 instead of 01?


The rest of the game is exactly the same


Try all you want, you can't enter your name


It ain't easy being green...



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