Miniature Golf / Arcade Golf

It's interesting to put these two pictures side by side, because there's something funny going on here.  The people in the Atari picture are having way too fun playing mini golf, while the guy in the Sears picture looks like he's playing on the PGA tour.  When's the last time you used your club to line up a shot when you were playing miniature golf?  Someone needs to smack all these kids around a bit.  And while we’re on the subject of smacking people around, who thought it would be a good idea to call the Sears version ARCADE Golf?

The sphere in the Atari picture isn’t the ball like you’d expect, but rather is the trademark of the artist and can be seen in other early Atari labels.   Also note that the bottom left of the Atari artwork is oddly barren for some reason.  Perhaps the artist couldn’t think of any more ways to make miniature golf look fun?  Tough call but I’d say Atari wins this round.