Submarine Commander

Submarine Commander is another Sears exclusive title, but thanks to Tim Lapetinoís fantastic Art of Atari book we can now see the original Atari artwork which is remarkably similar to the Sears version.  As you may have guessed both sets of artwork shows a guy blowing up ships with his submarine.  Although the captain may look a little scary, he is in fact modeled after the artists son Kirk who posed for numerous pictures to help his father capture the look of a steely eyed submarine commander.  Artist Chris Kenyon also did the artwork for Missile Command, Battlezone, Jungle Hunt, RealSports Soccer, and Asteroids.

Sears chose to go with a nice action shot of a ship being sunk, while Atari went with a more casual shot of the sub crew at work.  Although the Atari artwork has a man giving us a reassuring thumbs up, I think Iíll have to give the nod to Sears as they at least tried to make the game look fun rather than just another day at the office.




As mentioned above, the artwork was modeled after Kirk, the artists son.  Here are some rare pictures showing how he posed for the artwork.


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