Behind Jaggi Lines ?-??-84


This is a late beta of Rescue on Fractalus when it was still known as Behind Jaggi Lines.  This beta is closer to the final version than the Rescue Mission prototype, but is still missing several key features.  This is the version of Rescue on Fractalus that was the most commonly pirated on BBS systems back in the day.  Interestingly the Atari 5200 prototype labeled Behind Jaggi Lines appears to be more complete than this one.

Thanks to Kr0tki for finding many of these differences.


Prototype Differences

There's no Lucasfilm logo or intro, the game starts at cockpit screen
The options screen says Behind Jaggi Lines instead of Rescue on Fractalus!
The Copyright says (C) Lucasfilm Ltd. instead of (c) 1985 Lucasfilm Ltd.
The font is the regular Atari one instead of the custom font the final uses
Title screen music is still a little different
The game starts on level 1 instead of 4
It is possible to select up to level 99 on the options screen instead of 16 (disk version) or 30 (cartridge version)
There is no highscore screen
There is no 'Standby' text on launch
There is not 'Manual' text once on the surface
The game can be reset by pressing 'Backspace' while the game is paused.  In the final version the 'Break' key is used.
It is still possible to see the mountains on the darkest night level.  The final version adds one more completely black level.
The 'E' (engines) key turns off the shield instead of 'S' (systems)
Downed pilots don't die after waiting at the airlock too long
The game over tune is slightly different
The 'Demo Droids' are numbered sequentially instead of being random numbers/letters



Different title screen


These stars never fade out


There's a gun encampment


A pilot is down there... somewhere...



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