Sorcerer Hardware


Although the Sorcerer was on the market for only three years, Exidy managed to produce several pieces of high quality hardware for the system.  Not only was the system updated after about a year (adding 16K and fixing several hardware bugs), but Exidy also released an S-100 expansion box, monitor, disk drive, printers, and a unique monitor/disk drive combination unit called the Display/Disk.  Most of these expansions and peripherals saw a very limited distribution and are extremely rare today.



DP 1000-1 Sorcerer I
DP 1000-2
Sorcerer II with 16K RAM
DP 1000-3 Sorcerer II with 32K RAM
DP 1000-4 Sorcerer II with 48K RAM
DP 1000-4 Smart-ALEC
DP 1000-4 Compudata with 48K RAM

Expansion & Peripherals

DP 1001
16K Memory Expansion Kit
DP 1004
S-100 Expansion Unit
DP 1005
12Ē Video Display
DP 6110
Dot Matrix Printer
DP 6120
Daisy Wheel Printer
DP 6130
Daisy Wheel Printer
DP 3000
DP 6400
Floppy Disk Subsystem
DP 6401
Floppy Disk Add-On


Cables & Accessories

DP 4003
Parallel Data Cable
DP 4005
Serial/Cassette Data Cable
DP 4006
S-100 Expansion Bus Daisy Chain Cable
DP 4007
Floppy Disk Add-On Cable Assembly



DP 5001
Guided Tour of Personal Computing
DP 5002
Sorcerer Standard BASIC Manual
DP 5003
Sorcerer Technical Manual
DP 5004
S-100 Expansion Manual
DP 5005 Video Display Service Manual
DP 5006 Development Pac Userís Manual
DP 5007 Word Processing Manual
DP 5008 Sorcerer Software Manual
DP 5009 CP/M Operating System Manual
DP 5010 Z80 Development Manual
DP 5011 Extended BASIC Reference Manual
DP 5012 BASCNVRT Disk Utility Manual
DP 5013 Disk Utility Package Manual
DP 5014 CPMINT Manual
DP 5015 Display Disk Operatorís Manual
DP 5016 Floppy Disk Subsystem Operatorís Manual
DP 5017 Book of Sorcery

Third Party Add-Ons

MECA Monitor/Tape Drive
CompuData Disk Drive
Arrington Music System

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