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Betas Part 3: The Revenge

And the betas keep coming.  First we a mid-level beta for the unreleased Shooting Arcade.  This beta was made by compiling a source code listing and has a lot of interesting differences.  Next have a late stage beta for Quick Step called Kwibble which features some interesting differences from the final.  After that we have a beta for the CBS classic Tunnel Runner, which appears to be the version of the game the manual was based on.  Finally we have a new early WIP version of Sinistar to respect and admire.  Enjoy!

Star Wars: Taz Arena

We're finally getting through the backlog here at AtariProtos.  For your viewing pleasure tonight we have a late stage beta for Star Wars: Jedi Arena which features some different colors and no music.  Second we have an interesting early version of Taz which is missing about half the food featured in the final.  The Taz page was also rewritten a little with new information. 

Even More Updates

Some more updates that I hope will satisfy your prototype needs.  First up is Wizard of Wor.  This late beta has the ability to be started with a fire button.  Next we have a late beta for Krull which despite all my best attempts at analysis seems to want to keep its secrets.  Then we have a beta for Crazy Climber which features a different logo on the title screen. Up next we have a late beta of Threshold which shows some color differences from the final.  Finally we have a interesting mid WIP version of Solar Fox which features different graphics and the stationary fireball enemies from the arcade version that were removed from the final.

More Updates

Only a small update this time, but expect more soon.  First we have a new RealSports Basketball proto that's slightly earlier than the current known one.  Next we have some new information on the Amiga Power Arcade series.  After that there's some new information on one of the two unplayable Surfs Up protos that surfaced a while back (thanks to Thomas Jentzsch for fixing the bankswitching). Unfortunately the other Surfs Up proto looks to be a bad dump, so I've removed that page for now.  Finally we review a new prototype for Racer that has some minor differences.

Betas, Betas, and more Betas!

Two updates in one day?  Am I crazy? (well yes, but that's besides the point).  First up is a very late beta of Centipede, with only two minor cosmetic differences.  Next up is a very early tech demo for RealSports Baseball which bears a striking resemblance to the Red vs Blue demo that was many years ago.  Next we have a late beta for SwordQuest: Earthworld.  This beta features different clues and some minor color differences from the final.  Finally we take a look at two early beta's for the unreleased Atari game Frog Pond.  These early beta's show how the scoring system slowly took shape.


Another previously unknown prototype?  Well, sort of.  It turns out that the previously discovered Fighter Command prototype was really a version of the rumored Atari title Firefox.  Now that a version of the game with the Firefox name has been found, the Fighter Command page has been updated with new information.  Be sure to check it out.


Cross another off the list!  One of the most sought after prototypes has finally been found!  Where did it come from?  Is it playable?  Do I have to sell a kidney to get a copy?  Check out our review of Kickman and see for yourself.


Ok this is a confusing one.  A brand new prototype called Fighter Command that also has a prototype called Combat II, but this isn't the same game as the older GCC prototype called Combat II.  Confused yet?  Read the Fighter Command review to find out more.

We also have a review for a new prototype of Fantastic Voyage.  This is a late WIP version but has several differences and is worth checking out.


Updates Galore!

Itís been a while since we've had so many prototypes to write about, but when it rains it pours.  Thanks to Ken Van Mersbergen, we have access to the personal archives of a former game developer.  This archive is interesting in that it contained many early WIP versions of games that he had collected from other companies.  So sit back and take a look at new prototypes for Popeye, Star Wars: TAG, Kangaroo, Cosmic Swarm, Omega Race, Mr. Do's Castle, Infiltrate, and Super Cobra.


Itís not often that we get an answer to one of lifeís mysteries, but today is one of those days.  As many of you already know, a mysterious prototype for unknown racing game surfaced back in 2004.  There were no markings on the board to identify the name of the game of than the word Universal silk screened onto the board itself.  So for the past 15 years the game was simply known as the Unknown Universal Prototype.  Fast forward to early 2018 when the programmer of the game (Jim Collas) emailed AtariProtos and identified the game as Heart Like a Wheel and provide more information on how it was developed.

So Tempest you say, how come weíre only hearing about this now?  Why did you sit on this earth shattering information for almost a year?  Well as it turns out Jimís email to me had gotten caught in my spam filter for the past year!  It was only by pure chance that I saw it when during my annual(ish) junk mail purge.  So Iíd like to issue a mea culpa to everyone who has emailed me any prototype news over the past few years and never got a response.  Iím going to make sure I check my spam folder more than once a year and adjust my filter settings so that hopefully this never happens again.  That being said, if you sent me a question or bit of information and never got a response, I ask that you send it again and Iíll make sure to answer.

So without further ado, please check out the all new review of Heart Like a Wheel (aka the Unknown Universal Prototype)!

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