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Surf's Up for the 2600 has always been a bit of mystery.  The prototype was found very early on in the 90's, but no one really figured out how to play it.  When I first started this page I took a stab at trying to work it out, but ultimately assumed that the prototype was simply incomplete.  However after taking some more time with it, I've discovered some new things.  So take a look at the Surf's Up page and read all about it. 


It's not often a WIP version of an Activision game is released, but thanks to the generosity of Ferghead we have an interesting late beta of Frostbite.  Why don't you check it out maybe?  Speaking of generous people, we also have some interesting artwork courtesy of Atari graphics artist Jerome Domurat.  Check out some early artwork for Peek-A-Boo, Countermeasure, Xevious, and Cloak & Dagger that was found on some of his disks.


The Exidy Sorcerer section is now open.  The Exidy Sorcerer is a rare early Z-80 based computer created by the arcade manufacturer Exidy.  Although it only was on the market for a few years, it remains a vintage computer enthusiast favorite.  Check it over in the Other Systems section.

A Minor Update

We may all be trapped inside due to COVID-19, but that doesn't stop the protos from coming.  First up we have a new prototype for 2600 Defender.  This prototype is later than the October prototype that was found a few years ago, and is suspected to be the lost November prototype that was known to be out there.  Next we have four new 5200 prototypes including earlier versions of Black Belt (confusingly dated late July!), Meebzork, and Xaria Arena along with a very late beta for RS Soccer.  Enjoy and stay safe out there!


Ok no more clever update titles, I promise!  But if you'll indulge me once more I'll show you a new PAL version of S.A.C. Alert by Amiga.  This new PAL prototype has a title screen and some nice music that the NTSC version was lacking. Be aware however that this prototype isn't true PAL, only the scanlines have been changed so the colors will look wrong on a real PAL system.  Set your emulators to NTSC50 to see the correct colors.


Remember, Qubes make the perfect last minute Christmas present! 

Ok, maybe not, but we do have a VERY early static screen demo of Q*Berts Qubes to show all ya'll.  Although this demo isn't playable, it shows how the programmer was trying to figure out how to represent those pesky 3-D cubes on the 2600.  Enjoy!


Well ok, not really a miracle, but a cool new WIP version of Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle has surfaced.  This mid-level WIP version is fully playable, but has some weird placeholder levels instead of the ones we've all come to love(?).  Be sure to read all about it.

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