VideoBrain Cartridges


Because the VideoBrain barely lasted two years, it had a very limited library of cartridges.  The manuals included with each cartridge list various other programs which may or may not exist.  The names and programs mentioned seem to change with each manual, so some programs may have been dropped in favor of others.  Various programs also changed names several times, so making an accurate list of titles is difficult.

Much like the Intellivision, the VideoBrain used the idea of "Cartridge Series" to distinguish what kind of program was on the cartridge.


Entertainment Series

EN01 Gladiator
EN02 Pinball
EN03 Tennis
EN04 Checkers
EN05 Blackjack
EN06 Vice Versa

Rumored Titles

EN07 Challenge Racer
EN08 Music Programmer
EN09 Programmable Football
EN10 Computer Life


Educational Series

Rumored Titles

Musicianship 1
Number Cross


Money Management Series

The Computational Language
VB-81 Financier
Money Minder
Information Manager

Rumored Titles

VB-59 The Programmable (same as APL/S?)
VB-1100 Budget System


Communications Series



Demonstration Series



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